Advances in technology have made professional quality DSLR cameras accessible¬†to the average person. And with the huge selection, great prices, and free shipping at it’s easy to buy a DSLR camera online.

Top Digital SLR Camera Brands:


As of this writing Amazon has 265 listings in the Nikon DSLR category available to choose from. Their less expensive models include the Nikon D60 which is about $1000 new. At the high end of the spectrum there is the Nikon DS3 which is about $8000 (with the complete package.)


There are 218 listings on Amazon for Canon digital SLRs. They tend to be a bit less expensive than the Nikon cameras, for example you can buy the Canon Rebel XTi for $759 new. A great thing about shopping online at Amazon is that you can check all of the reviews of whatever it is you are buying. Right now there are 659 reviews of the XTi and it has an average review rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5.)


Sony brand DSLR cameras tend to be significantly less expensive than Nikons & Canons. The Sony Alpha A230 is $399 new. Sony also has higher end models such as the Sony Alpha A900 which is currently selling for $2658 (and that’s without a lens!) It boasts 24.6 MP resolution and nothing but five star reviews (as of now.)

The Most Popular DSLR Cameras (Current Bestsellers)

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